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We simplified the way of tax free refund in Europe
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How works Tax Free Refund?

1. Go shopping

  • Go shopping in any shop regardless of tax free labelling.
  • Go shopping in any Europe country (learn more about tax free refund).
  • Remember, tax free can not be refunded for foodstuffs, weapons, services, alcohol and tobacco products.

2. Keep your bills

  • Tha bill amount must be higher than 2001,- CZK or total sum of bills from one shop in one day must be higher than 2001,- CZK (for the Czech republic).
  • Ask shop assistants to stamp the bill - it wil increase your chance for refund.
  • Ask for copy of your bill - in case that you will lose it.
  • Minimum amount of your purchase and refund percentage can be various depending on country in which the purchase was realized.

3. Fill in the form, blank form or a tax free bill

  • Download an empty form and fill it in by hand.
  • Or fill in the form online. At repeated filling in you can download data from previous form.
  • Or come to our office and get refund in cash.
  • Read out advices how to fill in the form correctly.

4. Pass through customs control

  • Without the customs office stamp on a form Vat can not be refunded.
  • Customs office employee can ask you for sumbitting of purchased goods.
  • Remember, customs control can take some time.
  • Learn more where exactly to give a stamp.
  • Specialities of tax free refund at the airport.

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5. Hand over a form to us (form, bill)

  • Send filled in and stamped forms together with bills per post to our address.
  • You wil find Post box as well at the airport.
  • You can hand over filled in stamped forms and bills in our office.
  • To speed up the refund process please send us scanned filled in and stamped forms to

6. Get refund

  • In cash in our office.
  • In cash by means of money transfer (Unistream, Qiwi, Яндекс.деньги and other).
  • To your current account/bank card.
  • By transfer to your eWallet (WebMoney, Qiwi, Yandex.Money, PayPal and other).

Use services of shopping guide

  • He will guide you during your shoppings.
  • He will help you with your choice what and where to buy best.
  • He will help you to fill in all the necessary for tax free refund.
  • Enlist to the nearest shopping tour.

Tax free calculator

Specify sum of purchases
Choose country of purchases

Rate of tax free refund
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Customer reviews

"Interesting approach to purchases and refund of tax free. I am sorry that I haven´t learnt about you earlier. I am glad to learn about you. Thank you."

Thomas, musician

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Do shoppings when you want and where you want.
Fill in tax free form in a shop, in your smartphone or directly in a hotel.
Refund tax free everywhere in the world.

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