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You can add this page to your favorites (by shortcut CTRL + D) and our calculator will always be at hand. In addition, you can do all calculations without the Internet.

Use a calculator to learn how much you can expect from tax free return. In most cases, the refund tax free is about 15-16% of the purchase price. However, the final rate of return tax free depending on the country where you make purchases.

Do not forget that we can not get a refund tax free for food, weapons, vehicles, alcohol and tobacco.

The amount of the bill should not be too low. You can not get return of tax free in the Czech Republic, if the amount of the bill does not exceed 2001 crown.

How to work with a calculator?

Read some recomendations.

  • For the beginning, specify the amount and currency of your purchase.
  • Next, select the country of purchase to calculate the amount of the refund tax free for a specified country.
  • If you have several bills from different stores, but one country, then you can specify the entire amount.
  • If you have a number of bills in different currencies or different country, then they should be included in the calculator separately and store intermediate calculations.
  • The calculation results are displayed to you immediately when you specify all of the data.
  • Intermediate calculations, you can save by using the corresponding button.
  • The Clear form resets the calculator to the original settings.
  • You can edit the table with the results and delete unnecessary calculations.
  • The table with the results can be sent to your e-mail or copy for yourself.
  • Click on a row in a the table with the results to move the stored data to the basic calculations.
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