Tax free countries

Conditions and rules for obtaining tax free refund

To get tax free refund from purchases in Europe can only nonresidents. In the case of Europe, you have to live in a country that is not part of the EU.

Be careful with filling in tax free forms, as well as the expiration date of bills and forms. Reimburse tax free you can only for a certain period of time, which also dependsonthe country

Through tax free you have the opportunity to return about 14-23 % of the amount of your purchases in Europe.

At the moment, you can get a refund of tax free in more than 70 countries and this list is gradually updated with new.

If you travel to Europe and decided to visit more than one country, then tax free refund you can get in any of them. Most often it is the country from which you are going to leave Europe.

In some countries get a tax free refund for food, travel, tobacco products, medicines and books is not possible.

Tax free in Europe

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Get tax free refund in Europe
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